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Some of the items that have removed off of credit reports..
Bankruptcies, Judgments, Collections, Late Payments, Inquiries, Foreclosures, Incorrect Information, Student Loans, and more.

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The approximate makeup of the FICO score used by U.S. lenders

Credit scores are designed to measure the risk of default by taking into account various factors in a person's financial history. Although the exact formulas for calculating credit scores are secret, FICO has disclosed the following components.

An Est.
35%: Payment History: This is the presence or lack of derogatory information. Bankruptcy, liens, judgments, settlements, charge offs, repossessions, foreclosures, and late payments can cause a FICO score to drop.

You can improve Your score and lower Your current interest rate

30%: Debt:According to FICO there are some six different metrics in the debt category including the debt to limit ratio, number of accounts with balances, amount owed across different types of accounts, and the amount paid down on installment loans.

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Call Now: 844-649-4754
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